About Us

People are constantly feeling stressed and out-of-tune from reality. In today’s fast-paced, profit-driven and technologically advanced world, this feeling appears to be common and natural. We in Human Restore recognize the harshness of the modern world and its effects on the spirituality of human beings. We made this blog in the intention of providing quality resources for busy and spiritually drained individuals to rediscover their true potential as human beings in the grander scheme of things. This blog also serves as a community for spiritualists all over the world to get together and share advice on carrying out a good, happy, and complete life. Our goal is to help people find time to reflect and fulfill their purpose in life.

Who We Are

Human Restore is a New Age volunteer-run blog of yoga, Zen, and spiritual practitioners. We are passionate about overall human wellness and the overall improvement of human life through continued practice of spirituality. Although most of us practice mystical spirituality and study phenomena such as out-of-body experiences, consciousness and enlightenment, we encourage skeptics and the general public to join us in accessible and effective spiritual techniques. We gladly would want to share the benefits of spirituality to those who are interested.

Our Inspirations

Human Restore was inspired partly by the Mindfulness movement popularized by Professor Emeritus Jon-Kabat Zinn of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Zinn’s experience as a student of various Buddhist teachers and Zen masters allowed him to stress the importance of being aware of every waking moment in the quality of life of human beings. Zinn was able to show that conscious wisdom of one’s self and body ultimately helps people with stress, anxiety, and sickness. The practice which he popularized, mindfulness, in itself inspired by the Buddhist idea of sati, calls on individuals to mind the experiences one feels and encounters at every moment.

This blog was also inspired by the works of author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra and the New Age movement as a whole. Chopra was able to elaborate on the material foundations of the universe and laid down spiritual guidelines on how one can best live his or her life. He also frequently stressed the Law of Dharma or the purpose of one’s life. The idea of the law is that we all have a talent that we can share and that we can practice this talent in service of other people. When we do this, we bring grace to our spirit and live out the life that we truly deserve.

Numerous scientific studies have shown how mindfulness helps improve the conditions of individuals who are experiencing depression, stress, and addiction, and many others. In today’s environment, where intense work environments and social media constantly occupy the minds of people across the world, we not only become detached from ourselves, we also become detached from our spiritual purpose in life. Human Restore seeks to help individuals from the world over to cope with the stress of human life and to fulfill their spiritual needs. We are inspired in uniting and helping spirits across the world back to the One Reality through meaningful spiritual experience.

What We Offer

Human Restore, as a wellbeing and spirituality blog, provides content that either help improve human life or allow readers to explore their mysticism through tips, guides and discussions.

We post weekly guided meditation content where a participant is advised how to carry out a meditation session on a specific topic. The topics of the guided meditation concern fixing common troubles caused by daily life, such as relieving stress or letting go. We also provide educational and inspirational content on how to actively respond to the spiritual needs of individuals and why spirituality plays a positive role in our lives. These contents range from informational guides and videos, to prayer, meditation or yoga ideas as well as rituals that the reader can directly try and apply to his or her own life.

Human Restore also has a community where experts and novices alike, so long as they are interested about spirituality and well-being, can interact and share information, tips and advice. Interaction and belongingness are vital for individuals to better explore what works for him or her. The Human Restore volunteers are also available in the community and can be messaged or interacted with to discuss more about published Human Restore content.

We, the volunteers at Human Restore, seek to help people do more to make the most out of life. All we need is an open heart and an open mind and we will be glad to share our own. We are committed to delivering content and sustaining a community so that we can all achieve peace, tranquility and happiness in each of our own lives. One day, we might all live in harmony with the universe and fellow human beings.