Rules & Terms

Human Restore aims to help people achieve inner peace and emotional healing. Anyone is welcome to use this website. But, these rules and regulations are intended to explain the terms of our service. It also explains the obligations of our users and the rules that they must abide at all times in browsing and using the services of this website. Failure of users to comply with the terms is considered as a breach of trust. This could result in termination of any or all the services requested, refusal to transmit or post any messages through this website, denial of access to one or more of the services that are offered in this website, and alteration of the content of this website. We reserve the right to implement penalties that are not listed on this site in case of breach.

Rules, Regulations, and Terms of Use

The users, readers, clients, and advertisers of this website must adhere to these rules and terms at all times.

Use of this Website

This website is accessible to everyone. However, we reserve the right to deny service to anyone who is below 13.

No Spamming

By browsing this website, you agree that you will not post, upload, post, or send unsolicited junk mail, advertising, “spam”, promotions, solicitation, or chain letters on this website.

Posting Guidelines

When posting content, email, and comments on this site, we have some rules and regulations that you may follow. Although we uphold the freedom of expression of our visitors, we do not tolerate any comments that may be offensive to other users of this site.

Here are the guidelines in posting comments on this website:

  • The comments should be written in English.
  • You should use your real name and information. We do not entertain anonymous posts.
  • If you strongly disagree with a post, write a constructive criticism. We appreciate feedback but we do not tolerate biting and disrespectful remarks.
  • Do not post comments that are meant to insult and disrespect the owners and writers of this site.
  • Do not post comments that are offensive to individuals or groups.
  • Refrain from provoking the writers, editors, affiliates, and owners of this website.
  • Do not post materials that are false and defamatory in nature.
  • You should not post remarks that intend to discriminate any racial, gender, or ethnic groups.
  • Do not harass, troll, or threaten other users.
  • Creating unauthorized “clones” is strictly prohibited on this site.
  • Do not post any plagiarized content or photos that are protected by copyright laws.
  • Do not stalk other users of this website.
  • Do not upload profane and vulgar content.
  • Do not upload any illegal material.
  • We prohibit posting of content that disobeys the law of any state or country.

Our staff may move or edit off topic posts. We may also delete your comment when necessary.

Unlawful Use

Users, readers, and sponsors of this website shall not transmit, upload, or post any material that violates any rule, regulation, or law, including but not limited to privacy rights, intellectual rights, among others. You agree not to upload materials or content that could result in criminal and civil liability. We reserve the right to inform the law enforcement authority, government agencies, or any other party of any activity by our users that may break the law.

We strictly prohibit posting, uploading, and transmitting content that infringes any trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, or proprietary right of any company, entity, or individual. Uploading plagiarized materials may result to termination of services.

Destructive Acts

Users shall not distribute any viruses, time bombs, Trojan horses, worms, cancelbots, or other programming routine that are created and designed to destruct, damage, or intercept the operation of networks, computer, and other systems and equipment.

Stealing Of Content

Human Restore is the sole owner of all the content and photos contained in this website, unless otherwise stated. By browsing this website, you agree that you will not steal any content from others or from this site. You should not copy any content in this website without citing us as the source.


This site may content links that directs you to a third party website. Human Restore does not have the authority or access to alter the content of these websites. So, if you have issues or concerns regarding our third party partners, you must contact them directly.

Also, hereby agree that you will uphold and obey the rules, terms, and policies of our third party partners.

External Links

Human Restore prohibits unauthorized hypertext links and caching to this website. We may disable any unauthorized frames or links. We disclaim any responsibility for the services, practices, and content linked to this website.

Use of Cookies

We reserve the rights to use cookies and other similar technologies to store your information for the purposes of enhancing the site content to reflect the user’s preferences.

Rules and Terms Changes

We reserve the right to update, change, or modify this documentso it would be best for our users to check the content of this page every now and then for possible changes.

If you do not agree with any of these terms, close this website right now. By continuing to browse our website and use our services, you agree that you will follow these rules and terms. You are also aware that violating the terms and rules of this website may result to remedies such as denial of access, cancellation of services, and any legal remedies that may be necessary.

For any questions regarding our rules and terms, you may contact us directly through the contact details that we have posted on this website.